Feeling Romantic? 1 LYT

“I Love You Too” what wonderful words to hear. Love is the one gift that money can’t buy, and to be loved is worth more than diamonds or gold. True happiness comes not just from loving someone, but by having your love returned and so our 1 LYT plate is perhaps one of the most romantic we’ve ever come across.

You could have this on your own car, to let your loved one know that you always love them, but wouldn’t it make a fantastic present? For Christmas, a birthday or a wedding anniversary, it’s such a great gift, and don’t forget that Valentine’s Day will be coming up soon and this plate would certainly be more of an expression of true love than a dozen red roses that will wilt and die, or a bottle of Champagne that’s as quickly forgotten as it is drunk.

Even more romance plates

Are you a hopeless romantic looking for the perfect plate for your beloved? Then let us introduce you to some private plates that could be your true expression of love. Do you call your other half Lovey? Then we have a brilliant plate for you… LOV 3Y. We’ve also got LOV 130Y available. If you’d like a LOV plate then you have plenty of choice, from the eye-catching 59 LOV, which would be ideal for a 59th birthday present, to AO04 LOV and BO03 LOV which are both on sale for just £199!

Or how about a LUV plate, as always we’ve got lots of those for you to take a look at. There’s 30 LUV, LUV 120Y, LUV 33R and E20 LUV.

Do you have a pet name for your other half? If you call her Honey, then you could purchase HON 33Y, F3 HON or A4 HUN. Or if you consider your loved one to be a bit of a hunk, we’ve also got HUN 1K! You could get your babe a suitable plate such as BAB 3X or BAB 35X, or how about a BAE plate? We’ve got some fab ones such as TH15 BAE and FA57 BAE! Our BAE plates start at just £199 so they won’t break the bank either! You could get your darling DAR 11L or you could treat your cutie to CUT 3E. If you think they’re a total fox, then how about a FOX plate such as 700 FOX or V50 FOX?

Whatever you call each other, whether it’s Jelly Baby or Fluffykins, just type your sweet nothings into our search box and see what you can find!