Valentines day is fast approaching


How do you best impress with your Valentines gift? Chocolates and champagne of course are lovely, but they’re so unoriginal and they’re soon gone. A dozen red roses fade and die. If you truly want to impress you need to think of something that will last forever and always remind your loved one of your romantic gesture. You could whisk them off to Mauritius for a fortnight of luxury sipping cocktails under a palm tree, those memories will last a lifetime, but you’ll probably end up spending the next ten years paying off the credit card bill.

So why not buy your beloved a personalised number plate? A gift that will last forever, that will bring a smile to their face and remind them of you whenever they drive their car. Personalised plates can be bought for under £99 so you won’t need to re-mortgage your home to buy one, and they really are a different and unique gift that won’t be forgotten.

Here at Speedy Reg we have plenty of romantic plates to choose from. You could surprise them with a plate with their name or initials on, or how about declaring your love with XX10 VEU (Kiss Kiss Love U)!