Get your eyesight checked

Get your eyesight checked before you get a ban

There has been an increase lately in drivers having their licenses revoked due to failing eyesight. The legal requirement as you may remember from when you took your test, is that you must be able to read a license plate that is 20 metres away.

The problem is, we are never retested, and as eyesight usually declines gradually, we often don’t even notice it. We may notice that we struggle to read close up print, but it’s much harder to detect short sightedness.

Having bad eyesight is very dangerous for a driver, so if you have any concerns at all you really should book a sight test. You may find that you need to wear glasses for driving or you may simply have your mind put at ease when they reassure you that your sight is perfectly fine and you’re safe to drive. Either way, it’s well worth booking a sight test.

The older we get, the more our sight can fail. A large proportion of the people who have had their licenses taken away due to bad eyesight are elderly. If you have an older friend or relative, and you’re worried about their failing sight with regards to their driving, do try and encourage them to get their eyes tested.