Appealing against a parking ticket

Getting a parking ticket is very annoying and the fines can be very expensive. If you feel the signs or road markings weren’t clear then you do have the right to appeal.

The first thing to do is to immediately take photographic evidence. Handily most of us have a camera on our phones, so this shouldn’t be a problem. Take photos of any signs that are unclear. Take photos of unclear road markings. If there are no signs visible from where you parked, take a long shot photo that emphasises the lack of signs. Make sure some of your photos include your car parked in the disputed area.

If there are any witnesses to back up your claim, take a statement from them and take their details. This can be especially useful if circumstances have changed. For example if a No Parking sign was so dirty it was not readable, but is subsequently cleaned, having someone else able to back up your story that it was dirty can help your case.

If on reflection you don’t think you have a case for appeal, then pay your fine as soon as possible. Pay quick and you’ll usually be able to get a discount of 50% of the fine amount if you pay within 14 days.