Hide the age of your vehicle with Cheap Irish Number Plates


Irish number plates are without a doubt, the cheapest way to hide the age of your older vehicle. When we buy a new car, we are often proud of the dated registration that lets everyone know just how new it is, but as the car ages, it becomes less of a status symbol and can even become an embarrassment over time, but if you’re not yet ready to upgrade your car, the perfect solution is simply to hide the age of your car with a dateless registration plate. Then no one can simply work out at a glance how old your car is.

You can pick out any Irish number plate for this purpose because all Irish plates are dateless. The Irish number plate system simply doesn’t incorporate a year identifier into the characters on the plates. The layout is also different, so plates have a different look to the standard UK plates too.

Here in the UK it is the law, that you cannot display a license plate that makes your vehicle look younger than it actually is. That means, the older your car, the less private plates you have to choose from. With Irish plates though, you don’t have to worry about it. You can display any Irish plate on any UK vehicle without having to give a thought to the age of your car.

Another interesting fact about Irish plates, is that the letter I is used, unlike here in the UK, so if you’ve always wanted a plate with the letter I in it, now there’s a way to get one.

So you can see why Irish plates are increasing in popularity. Buy your dateless Irish plates from us and you’ll have no problems with your transfer. We specialise in Irish plate transfers, and of course we are renowned for speedy transfers too, so you’ll have your Irish plates with you as soon as is possible. The process is only slightly more complicated than it is for buying a standard private plate, and it does take slightly longer, but we deal with the transfer of Irish plates on a daily basis, so we stick by our declaration of having the fastest transfers in the marketplace, even when it comes to dateless Irish plates.

Our Irish plates are some of the cheapest plates around, they really are incredibly good value for money. Regardless of whether you buy one of our cheapest plates, starting at just £40, or a high end plate for tens of thousands of pounds, you can rest assured you’ll get our VIP service from start to finish. If you have any questions, or just want an update on your transfer, our call centre is open, with extended opening times out of office hours and on weekends. Or you can email us at any time and we’ll get back to you fast.

For more information on our cheap Irish plates take a look at our website, you’ll find more information and you’ll also be able to search for your very own perfect dateless plate.