Great plates for Father’s Day


Have you thought about what to get your dad for Father’s Day yet? It can be tricky coming up with a good idea, of course he’ll love whatever you get him. He’ll wear the novelty socks and he’ll enjoy a nice single malt whisky, but well, it all gets a bit repetitive doesn’t it? Giving him the same gifts year in, year out. This year, why not surprise him with a personalised registration plate? With prices starting from as little as £40, you might not even have to spend much more than you would on that decent bottle of whisky, and this is a gift that will last a lot longer.

We’ve got loads of plates with men’s names on at the moment. Whatever your dad is called, we’re bound to have a plate to suit. Here are just a handful of examples of male name private plates we have available right now…

For Thomas we have THZ 1285 available as well as  72 TOM and 88 TOM.

For Robert we have 13 ROB, ROB 30, 19 BOB and BOB 22

For Stuart there’s 607 STU, R121 STU and STU 318L

For Trevor we’ve got TRE 54R

For Paul we have PAU 7L

For James there is JAM 337

For Darren there’s DAZ 51, DAZ 506 and AD03 DAZ

For Chris we have the lovely CHR 11S

For Alan there’s ALZ 38 and ALZ 42

For Oliver we’ve got OL 7379 and OL11 VRS

For Jack there is JAC 1K

For John you can pick from 5 JON, JON 35K and 49 JON

For William there’s WIL 6, WIL 150 and L5 WLL

For Leo you choose LEO 256, AB04 LEO or R25 LEO

For Max we have MAX 4D, 81 MAX and N19 MAX

For Daniel there is DAN 5A, A761 DAN and AE04 DAN

For Samuel we’ve got SAM 23, 550 SAM and SAM 2A

For Benjamin you could pick 53 BEN, 911 BEN or BEN 5A

For Edward how about 13 ED or EDZ 42?

For Adam there’s ADZ 679 and AH10 ADZ

Of course we have thousands more, this is just a taster. To find the perfect plate for Father’s Day, just type your dad’s name into our search box and see what comes up!

Or you might simply want to go for a dad plate, in that case, we’ve still got loads of choice for you such as 16 DAD, DAD 55X, R23 DAD and AH05 DAD. Or if you call your dad Pop, don’t worry, we’ve also got POP 13, F14 POP, and many more.