Cheap number plates?

Well look no further, as Speedyreg is currently offering Cheap Number Plates from £40… yes £40‼ Speedyreg are currently offering Cheap Irish Plates for the price of one DVLA Transfer Fee.

They are currently offering some of the current issue registrations for this amazingly low price, such as:

CXZ 2230        CXZ 2231

DRZ 5696         DRZ 5697       DRZ 5698

HFZ 8751         HFZ 8752        HFZ 8753

IFZ 2491           IFZ 2492         IFZ 2493

KIG 2353           KIG 2354        KIG 2355

RNZ 1056          RNZ 1057       RNZ 1058

TJZ 1024            TJZ 1025        TJZ 1026

TUI 3722            TUI 3723       TUI 3724

Hiding the age of your vehicle does not have to break the bank this month, with Speedyreg offering the above registrations for £40 plus £8 VAT plus £80 Transfer Fee.

We look forward to hearing from you.

So Don’t Delay Order Today!!

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