Personalised Number Plates

Personalised Number Plate:The ideal birthday present for someone turning 30


The years ending with ‘0’ have always been deemed a ‘big year’. (with the exception of turning 21). It’s the end of a decade; a chance to look back at your achievements and look forward with high hopes and expectations.

It’s also a chance to give and receive gifts. Turning 30, 40, 50, 60, 70,80, 90 and 100 are all years worth celebrating. Each one a milestone in themselves.

Buying gifts for someone turning 30 can be a strain. They generally have enough resources to buy themselves what they want. The ideal present: A personalised number plate. Regardless of car type, make or model, a personalised number plate could just be the right birthday present.

And who is turning 30 this year?

Kate Middleton

What a decade the Duchess of Cambridge had. Her twenties saw her date her prince charming, finish university with an MA in Arts History and become a Princess and the future queen of England.

She has won the heart of the global public with her sense of style and connection with the general public. Buying gifts for the former Ms Middleton will be hard. But she does drive so how about the following as a personalised number plate:

Anthony Caleb Followill

The Kings of Leon front-man who rocked Ireland’s Slane Castle last summer turns 30. With nine Top 40 singles and two Brit Awards, Caleb can celebrate his 30th in style. What about this personalised number plate for a gift for this singer-songwriter:

Jessica Biel

The beautiful American actress, model and singer turns 30 in March. She is well-known for her role of Mary Camden in long-running TV show 7th Heaven. She stared in some heavy-weight Hollywood films including Summer Catch, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Illusionist and I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry with Adam Sandler.

So what will Justin Timberlake, her newly engaged finance will buy her for the 30th? Perhaps a personalised number plate such as the following:

Kelly Clarkson

The American Idol singer certainly enjoyed her 20’s. Winning the show in 2002 launched her to superstardom. What do you get a woman who has two Grammy Awards, three MTV Video Music Awards, four American Music Awards and a Women’s World Award?

Her own personalised number plate:

 Normal folk

Celebs are in the newspapers constantly but as you and I both know, up and down the streets of UK and Northern Ireland, there are boys and girls turning 30 throughout 2012. It’s a big year for them too, even if they don’t live the public eye.

Buying a personalised number plate to celebrate their past achievements and hopes for the future is the ideal gift. Nothing else quite says you’re unique, than a personalised number plate. Some ideas to include on their personalised number plate include:

  •  Think names
  •  Think hobbies
  •  Think year of birth

And for those of us who are a little older than 30, the people turning 30 were born in 1982.

So as we celebrate royal 30th birthdays, take some time to think what you’ll get your special person on this important year.