In with the old and out with the new


In January, you’ll often hear people say ‘in with the new and out with the old‘. New goals are set. New hopes are high. Gyms and exercise classes are filled with new members while the streets see more people pounding them with running and walking alike.

But the new year doesn’t necessarily have to be ‘in with the new and out with the old’. In the personalised number plate industry, the latest series of numbers were released just before the end of the year.

’12’ is the next series of numbers and as ’12’ is the ideal substitute for ‘R’, this series will be very popular.

However, in with the new and out with the old means that personalised number plates with the old series will not be in as much demand. And this means that by using last year’s numbers, you could get a really good deal. 

Use the ’11’ or ’61’ series

The series covered in 2011 are ’11’ and ’61’. You can grab a bargain with these numbers as an alternative to the new ’12’ series.

1. Follow your favourite footballer

Football jerseys with numbers are big sellers. Why not turn it on its head and use the number 11 on your personalised number plate?

Years ago shirt numbers were assigned to positions rather than players. One of the most famous players to don the Number 11 jersey was George Best. Well known for playing at right wing and wearing the number 7 jersey, he played almost exclusively as a left winger in his debut season and all of 71-72. During this time, he wore the number 11 jersey for Manchester United.

Others who followed him wearing a Number 11 jersey include Didier Drogba for Chelsea and Ryan Giggs for Manchester United.

How about using the following as a guide to your number plate if you’re a big fan of George Best:

  • GB11 FAN

If you’re a fan of Ryan Giggs, why not use these to get your creative juices flowing:

2. Be a Princess

This year sees the Duchess of Cambridge celebrate her 30th birthday. After a fabulous decade in her 20s, when she dated and married Prince William, Kate Middleton has a whole new life ahead of her.

If your name is Kate or want to show your appreciation to the lovely new Princess, you can always buy this personalised number plate:

3. Births & Marriages 

2011 was another great year for births and marriages. You can always use a combination of letters to show your name or anniversary.

Perhaps your initials are like the examples here – use the following for inspiration:

  • Grace Reynolds married Mick McSorley could have a personalised number plate such as
  •  Graham Henry married Fiona O’Reilly and they could use
  • If your name begins with ‘B’ and you gave birth to JAC in 2011, you could use

Or what about simply putting your name on your personalised number plate:– for Nancy

 – for W. Witton or W. Wuton

 –  for P. Witton or P. Wuton

 – for P. White

 – for L. Molloy

 – for Loraine Kelly

Remember, personalised number plates just have to mean something to you; they don’t have to mean something to the masses. Often times it brings a smile to the face of the driver knowing that no-body else gets the meaning other than you.

So try different combinations of letters before and after the number ’11’ or ’61’ and you’re bound to bag a bargain using last year’s numbers.