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The -JZ suffix is currently used on vehicles registered in Downpatrick, County Down, in Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland plates differ from GB number plates because they are classed as dateless numbers, which can go on any age of vehicle. You will often see coach companies and taxi companies on the GB mainland with Northern Ireland number plates because they are bought up in bulk from companies such as Speedy Reg in order to disguise the age of their vehicles.

Speedy Reg own the highest stock of Northern Ireland dateless numbers in the UK so this makes them experts in the transfer of this particular style of number plate, as well as all types of GB numbers. You will not find Northern Ireland numbers cheaper anywhere else so if you would like to purchase one of the newly issued WJZ numbers why not give them a call today. Speedy Reg currently have WJZ 2900, 2902, 2903 etc in stock with more on the way. Please note that from 21st July Northern Ireland numbers will no longer be transferred through DVA Northern Ireland but will be transferred straight through DVLA Swansea. This will mean slightly longer transfer times for Northern Ireland customers as DVA would have completed vehicle to vehicle transfers in a just over a week and certificate to vehicle transfers in just days. For customers in GB expect transfer times to remain fairly similar.