SpeedyReg speaks to Chief Executive of DVLA

On your behalf


In light of the amalgamation of DVA with DVLA many people in Northern Ireland are concerned about future registration transfers, registering their vehicles and even simple straight forward tasks such as taxing their vehicles and notification of changes of address etc. This concern has lead to media attention and BBC Northern Ireland decided to put people’s concerns directly to the Chief Executive of DVLA Oliver Morley in a question and answer session on BBC Radio Ulster programme ‘On Your Behalf’.

Presenter and Journalist Linda McAuley asked questions on behalf of the public and although some issues were cleared up many important issues were still left unclear. One important point for example was the question of MOT certificates and discs. One major difference between Northern Ireland and the GB mainland is the fact that MOT’s in Northern Ireland are carried out in MOT centres and an MOT disc is printed but the MOT centre upon passing a test and displayed in the windscreen. In the GB mainland you can simply take your vehicle to a registered garage and they will approve the vehicle and your MOT certificate comes on a simple print off document.

Although we know that the current MOT system will continue as it is in Northern Ireland (for the time being), what is unclear is what will happen to MOT discs when they have been sent for cherished transfer to DVLA.  DVLA have no system for printing the MOT discs used in Northern Ireland and therefore how will a replacement NI tax disc be issued during transfer. In Northern Ireland, by law, you must display your MOT disc and therefore if DVLA cannot print these how will this be possible.

There are many more issues that still have to be cleared up and it is quite a worrying time for motorists in Northern Ireland who have been accustomed to dealing directly with DVA and will be unused to the DVLA system.