Mar-Train Haulage Choose Speedy Reg Every Time

“Choosing Speedy Reg for my consecutive number plates was a great decision. I’d be happy to recommend them and would not go elsewhere now I’ve experienced the high level of service they give” – Tim, Mar-Train Haulage

When you find a business that gives great service you stick with them, and that’s why we get so much repeat business here at Speedy Reg. Our highly trained customer services department are always here to help. A big thank you to Tim from Mar-Train Haulage for his comments, it’s good to know we’re getting it right, serving you well and that you’re happy with your consecutive plates.

A little more about Mar-Train Heavy Haulage Ltd…

Mar-Train Heavy Haulage is a pretty interesting business. They’re a family run concern, established back in 1978, that has grown from strength to strength over the years. If you need anything huge transporting, these guys can do it! From mobile homes to bridges and even massive wind turbines, it seems nothing is too big for them! Their custom built trailers can carry up to 350 tons!

Moving large items can be pretty stressful, but Mar-Train Heavy Haulage look after everything for you. They’ll survey the route and ensure it’s suitable for your large load. They’ll do a trial run and provide escort vehicles to ensure your heavy load gets to your destination safely, securely and without any problems on the way.

Find out more about Mar-Train Heavy Haulage on their website

Looking for consecutive number plates?

If you have a fleet of vehicles, consecutive private plates really do look smart. Even if you only have two vehicles for personal use, consecutive plates will look great parked on your drive. If you’d  like help finding consecutive plates do give us a call, tell us your preferences for personalisation and we’ll do our very best to find as many consecutive plates as you need. Call us now on 02866 387124 or email us at