Let’s celebrate February celebrity birthdays!

Number Plates for Birthdays

There are plenty of celebrities with birthdays this month, so we’re helping some of them celebrate by picking out the perfect personalised plates for them.

Rapper Dr. Dre will be celebrating his birthday on the 18th of February. Having a three letter name is perfect for a private plate. We think 185 DRE or DRE 5S would be perfect for this stylish performer.

February 23rd is the birthday of actress Emily Blunt. We’ve got some great plates for her too. She might like 6 EM, or 13 EMS. If you’re an Emily or an Emma you might want to check out our EM plates too!

Finally, we’re finding a plate for actor Ken Foree. We think he’d love 23 KEN or perhaps the brilliant KEN 1A. If you’re a KEN we have plenty of brilliant KEN plates starting at under £600.

All these plates are currently available on our website, so if you fancy one of them, snap it up before the celebs do!