747 registrations for pilots


Many people like to advertise their business, company or profession on a number plate as an extra way of getting their business noticed. For example if you are a hairdresser you might like a CUT registration. If you are a pilot or have an interest in planes why not consider going for a 747 registration.

Speedy Reg have an abundance of 747 registrations to choose from and particularly some nice 3×3 Irish registrations, which are all dateless. And the elements and functions on their website are the same as that of a Jettly private charter website. If your name is Chris and you are a pilot CRZ 747 is ready and waiting for you. For Thomas or Mr Thomas THZ 747 is available on certificate ready to go. Or Vicky the flight attendant may be interested to know that VKZ 747 is available to purchase on certificate today.

If you don’t yet have a vehicle to transfer the registration to at this moment do not let this put you off buying the registration of your dreams. Many of our registrations already come on certificate which means they can be held there for as long as you require. Any registration that is not currently held on certificate can be issued to a certificate for you and in the same way can then be held for as long as you need. DVLA are now issuing certificates for a transfer fee of £80, which means you no longer have to pay extra to retain your registration. Any certificates now issued from DVLA will have a 10 year expiry date and if you renew a certificate it will have ten years added as the new expiry date.

Many registrations can now be assigned to vehicles using the new DVLA online system this is an instant online transfer which means you will have your registration the same day, however in some instances registrations cannot be assigned in this way. Speak to one of our sales advisers and they will be happy to explain the transfer procedure to you if you are unsure of how it all works. Our sales team have twenty plus years of experience in the industry and work closely with DVLA to ensure a speedy and hassle free experience.

If you are living in Northern Ireland and have never dealt with DVLA following the closure of DVA Coleraine; Speedy Reg will be happy to guide you either by helping you understand what you need to do or, for a small admin fee, we can take the hassle out of your paperwork and complete the transfer on your behalf. It may interest you to know that we are based in Northern Ireland and have had all the experience of the hand over from DVA Coleraine to DVLA Swansea.

It really is a very simple process to get the registration you have always wanted. Simply choose your number plate, either order directly online or give us a call to confirm and we will talk you through the entire process. After purchasing you will be sent a confirmation letter along with an envelope to return any documents to us and we will take it from there. You should receive your new vehicle documents from DVLA in a matter of two weeks or even less depending on the nature of the transfer. So what are you waiting for? Your ideal registration may just fly away if you don’t snap it up now.