New Vehicle? Why not get a new registration


Have you just purchased a new vehicle? Perhaps not brand new but new to you? If so why not disguise the age of the vehicle with a personalised registration. In this case most people would opt for either a dateless registration, which can be transferred to any age of vehicle or a Prefix style registration, which although is an age related number, the actual year of registration is not displayed. This instead is indicated by a letter.

Many people who purchase a brand new vehicle like to get a nice personalised registration to set it off and complete the whole look of a nice shiny new car. It is sometimes possible to have a registration transferred directly to a brand new vehicle as first registration if you purchase a registration on certificate. Most garages will be able to do this for you, however Speedy Reg would advise that you discuss all these details with your garage first so that everyone is clear on how the transfer will be carried out.

If your vehicle is second hand or has already been registered you can purchase a new registration for your vehicle and a transfer can be carried out either directly with DVLA if the registration is on certificate or Speedy Reg will handle the transfer for you for no extra charge.

If the registration you have purchased already comes on certificate and your garage have agreed to do a transfer for you Speedy Reg will send the certificate to you usually by first class recorded post or this can also be sent directly to the garage if you wish. If the registration is held on a vehicle it can be issued to certificate at no extra cost and in most cases Speedy Reg will have the certificate issued in your name so it will go directly to you from DVLA.

Alternatively if you would prefer not to have all the hassle of dealing with DVLA yourself Speedy Reg offer a complimentary transfer service when you purchase a registration through them. If you have purchased a second hand vehicle and have not yet received your new logbook back from Change of Ownership you can still complete a transfer using a V62 form. This means that instead of waiting for your logbook to come back from DVLA with your name added as new keeper but under the old registration number you will receive a new logbook with the new registration and your name added as new keeper.

One point to remember is that upon purchase of a new vehicle you must tax it as the new keeper. In the case of a second hand vehicle any road tax remaining on the vehicle will not be carried over to the new keeper (under the new DVLA regulations that came into effect in October). This means that the previous owner will receive a refund of any remaining tax on the vehicle and the new keeper will have to re-tax in his or her own name.

If this all sounds a little confusing or too much to take in don’t worry for now as at point of sale the team at Speedy Reg will ask you details about your vehicle and will explain the entire transfer procedure and advise you of anything that you will need to do in order to carry out the transfer.  Why not give us a call today.