Hide the age of your vehicle with, Cheap Irish Plates from £40

Cheap Irish Number Plates

How do you feel about your current car? We all have different relationships with our vehicles. Think back over the cars you’ve had in your life, and there’s probably a whole mixed bunch of feelings. No doubt there are treasured memories of a faithful old banger that you got dirt cheap when you were young, but on the flip side you may well have memories of the complete pile of junk you bought because you thought it looked good, but it ended up costing you a small fortune in repairs.  So what about the car you have right now? Is it brand new, or is it a little older? Buying a car can be a bit of a minefield, and as we’ve all had that ‘problem car’ before, when you get one that’s reliable, that never lets you down, that sails through its’ MOT and always starts when it’s cold weather, it can be hard to let it go just because it’s getting on a bit! Have you had this dilemma before? Part of you wants a fancy new motor, so the neighbours don’t look at you and think you’re driving a heap of old junk, but part of you wants to hang on to Old Faithful, rather than risking it with another car. If the new one turns out to be a bad one, you’ll regret parting with a perfectly decent vehicle.

So at the end of the day the choice is yours, but we like to hang on to the amazingly reliable cars that come along once in a while and give us years of faithful service. So to stop the neighbours sneering, and your friends laughing at your elderly vehicle, why not buy yourself a dateless license plate? That way no one will be able to tell how old your car is. Brilliant! Add to that, it will be a personalised plate which will stand out from the crowd and give you a bit of extra street cred to boot!

You may be thinking, that’s all well and good, but my trusty old car hardly cost me anything. I’m not going to spend thousands on a private plate for it, no matter how much I love it. Well of course, putting a plate on a car that’s worth more than the car itself is a bit silly, You could just put the cash towards upgrading your car, but we’re not talking about plates that cost thousands here, we’re talking about plates that cost as little as £40. The price of a cheap night out!

How come our dateless plates are so cheap? Well the secret is that these low-priced dateless plates are from Ireland. They are perfectly legal to use on a UK vehicle, they have great personalisation options, and we also happen to be able to get them for you at bargain prices! We transfer so many of these plate every single week, you don’t need to worry that the process will be complicated or time consuming. Take a look at our Irish plates selection on our website, or get in touch if you need any help or further information.