Advertise your butchers shop with a CIG registration


The new CIG registrations released by the DVLA, which are now available to buy at Speedy Registrations have caused some controversy among anti smoking demonstrators. The new legislation which may be introduced later this year will see cigarettes being sold from plain white packets in a bid to discourage sales.

The CIG registrations were help back and not to be released originally by DVA in Northern Ireland as they were deemed to be controversial, however DVLA have appeared to have overruled this and have slowly began to release the registrations into the market place. This may be seen as a good thing for cigarette companies as they will now be able to legally use this as an advertising tool now that other advertising tools have been done away with.

Formula One used to be a huge advertising mechanism for cigarette firms as the cars were branded with cigarette marketing images  however this all ended in 2005 when the EU introduced a ban on tobacco firms using branded goods to advertise. The release of the CIG registrations will now give cigarette firms a new advertising tool.

Apart from Cigarettes CIG registrations will also be a great advertising tool for butchers in Wales. The Welsh for meat is Cig therefore this will be an excellent marketing tool for Welsh butchers. Many butchers have already taken advantage of another Irish registration RIB and in particular any RIB number beginning with a 5 (which looks like Ribs).

So whether you are looking for a registration to advertise your cigarette company or you are a welsh butcher or in fact if you would just like a unique registration where very few have been issued this may be an excellent investment choice for you. Why not speak to one of our sales team today, who are always on hand to answer any of your questions and assist you in purchasing the right registration for your vehicle.