Spread the cost of your number plate with our finance option


Taking out a finance plan is now as common and normal as handing over a card and nowadays there are so many different varieties to suit your circumstances. Here at Speedy Reg we offer a buy now pay later interest free plan, which suits everyone. We feel interest free finance is the most suitable option for everyone. When you want something now and are worried that when you have the money saved it will be gone, finance can help you spread the payments so you can afford to have it now.

Let’s say for example you have found your dream registration and have been watching it for a while in the hope that some day you will have enough money to buy it outright. Months of saving could all come to nothing if someone else snaps it up first. Just remember that every registration is completely unique and therefore once it’s gone its gone. You may be able to find an alternative and we can certainly help you to find one but why settle for second best; get it when its there and don’t regret it later.

In these modern times you can take almost anything out on finance that you otherwise just couldn’t afford, such as a new sofa, a car or a new kitchen. There are many instances in our lives where we will need to purchase something that we simply couldn’t afford to buy outright. We all have mortgages and cars, however a buy now pay later finance option is much more user friendly as you don’t have the same pressure of having to make regular monthly payments due to interest being added if you don’t.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you will be guaranteed to get finance. Many people are just not suitable candidates due to bad credit history, or they are not in full time employment. Before you apply for finance always read the terms and conditions very carefully. At Speedy Reg we are completely upfront with all of our terms and conditions, which you can read through on our website before you commit to anything. In fact if you are purchasing through our website you won’t be able to enter any payment information until you click and agree to the terms and conditions first. If you feel more comfortable talking to someone we can put finance through over the phone we will explain how it works before we take any payment, however please ensure you have all details to hand such as employment information, addresses and bank details for payments.

If you would prefer to discuss the ins and outs of our finance option over the phone why not give us a call. If you are not a suitable candidate we will always try to offer an alternative payment method or give you extended time to help you pay the registration if you have not been excepted for finance.