Have the luck of the Irish with an Irish registration


As Saint Patrick’s day draws closer the Irish all over the world enjoy their day of celebration. St Patrick’s Day is probably the only patron saint’s day that is celebrated and recognised all over the world and although in the UK each nation have their own saint’s day none of them are celebrated quite like the Irish.

The Irish are probably the most well travelled nation in the world and no matter where you go you will usually find an Irish bar or an Irish village in almost any city. Many people especially Americans claim to have Irish roots through their great great grandparents or some distant relative and although true Irish find this funny it is quite possible to have some Irish blood in you considering many Irish travelled far and wide to find a new home  during the famine and later during the troubles.

If you would like to have your own piece of Irish heritage you can choose from one of many Irish registrations available from Speedy Reg. We have cheap Irish registrations starting from as little as £40.00 plus the VAT and DVLA Fees. If you would like something a little more exclusive you will find 3×3 Irish registrations on our website from as little as £190 plus VAT and DVLA fees. If your budget is unlimited you could go all out and purchase a high end single figure Irish registration such as WIL 6, a great registration if your name is William.

The great thing about Irish registrations is the fact that they are all dateless and therefore can be transferred to any age of vehicle and this means that many people, especially coach companies and taxi firms use the cheaper Irish registrations as cover numbers to hide the age of an older vehicle.

If you are Irish and living away from the motherland in another part of the UK at least you know that you can retain a part of your culture and have an Irish registration on your vehicle. Depending on what part of Ireland you are from, if you are from Northern Ireland you can purchase the county registration of your choice through Speedy Reg. If it’s your parents who are originally from Northern Ireland a nice gift for them to remind them of home would be to get them a registration from their home county you may even be lucky enough to get them one from the year they left Ireland or if you are on a limited budget a current number from their county will cost as little as £50. For example if your mother is originally from County Armagh you could get her a HXZ registration or if your dad was born in Belfast you could get him a SFZ registration.


So if you are living in Northern Ireland or away from home living in another part of the UK at least you know you can always keep a part of home with you by having an Irish registration. If you would like to get yourself a nice Irish registration why not give Speedy Reg a call today and speak to our friendly Irish sales team who know the industry inside out.