Driving could become more pleasant

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When you’ve bought your personalised license plate from Speedy Reg, you’ll want to get out and about and show it off, but sometimes congestion can turn a lovely drive into a frustrating event. No one likes being stuck in a traffic jam, and it’s worse if it makes you late for a meeting or you’ve got a flight to catch.

Things could be looking up though for congestion on UK roads, as the government has set aside £62 million pounds to help combat congestion. There will be 62 schemes across the UK given funding, along with local contributions the total investment will be over £300 million.

These schemes will help to alleviate congestion at traffic hotspots; roads and bridges will be improved, and alternative access routes will be created, all in an attempt to reduce queuing times. It’s not just car drivers that will benefit from these schemes though, some of the money is being set aside to improve bus lanes, cycle paths and footpaths. The scheme will also provide many new jobs.

We love driving, so we’re glad to see the government taking the issue of congestion seriously and doing something about it.

Photo credit: James Blunt Photography / Foter.com / CC BY-ND