Are You Barking Mad? It’s National Dog Day!

Dogs, they’re pretty amazing. They’re part of the family, good company and they play so many amazing roles in society too. They work for the police, they’re invaluable to the armed forces and they are pretty amazing at helping out people with disabilities. So today it’s National Dog Day, a day to celebrate all dogs, large and small, the bouncy Springer Spaniels, the lazy Labradors, if you’ve got a dog, or two, or more, give them a big hug today and an extra long walk!

Raising awareness of dogs in need

This day is dedicated to dogs, so of course it’s a great day to spoil your pooch with a new toy or extra playtime and cuddles, but this day is also important to remind everyone of all those dogs that don’t have a loving home, those that are waiting in rescue centres to be adopted. If you’ve been thinking that a dog would be a great addition to your family, perhaps now is the time to visit a rescue centre and pick out your new best friend?

Do something to help

Even if you’re not looking to adopt a dog, you can still do a lot to help. If you have some spare time, you could volunteer at a local dog rescue centre. Many supermarkets have an area where you can donate pet food for dogs in need, just pick up some dog food while you do your shopping and drop it in. Every little helps!

Share your dog with the world

You may just encourage someone else to give a great home to a dog if they see your wonderful canine friend. Take some photos, pick the cutest, or the silliest, and post it on social media with the hashtag #nationaldogday

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