How will you spend your Bank Holiday Monday?

Those extra bank holidays in August are always very welcome, but how will you spend it? Of course there’s always work to be done, that room that needs repainting, or the job of clearing out the loft that you’ve been putting off for months, but that’s boring! Bank Holiday Mondays are there to be enjoyed, it’s a bonus day off work so make the most of it.

Getting out and about?

Normally, we’re all about cars here at Speedy Reg, but the Bank Holiday traffic is notorious for being bad, so if you are planning on travelling, be sure to set off in plenty of time! Today might be the perfect day to take a walk instead, discover a local beauty spot, take a picnic, or get out and about on your bikes and see the sights.

Or perhaps you’re going to have a lazy day?

Our modern hectic lives don’t tend to give us much time to laze around, so why not take the opportunity to have day of rest? You could have a duvet day and watch some films, or how about a spot of online shopping? I love online shopping. You don’t have to fight the crowds, your feet don’t get tired, and best of all, you can go shopping in your pyjamas without getting any funny looks!

The perfect time to pick out your new plate

Online shopping can take quite some time when you have a lot of choices, and it’s an important decision that you want to get just right. For example, I can spend hours researching a holiday, reading hotel reviews, finding flights at good times, suddenly half a day has passed and I haven’t even made my mind up where I want to go! The same can be said when you’re searching for your latest set of private plates. You want something really good, something that will stand out from the crowd, a plate that is special to you and means something. The problem is, when you’re searching for personalised plates via Speedy Reg, there are just so many options. The searching is fun, coming up with ideas and typing them in to see what pops up, but it can take time, so it’s the perfect job to do on a Bank Holiday Monday when you’re in no hurry!