Sales of personalised plates are soaring

Personalised Number Plates

Since the DVLA were given permission to auction off personalised plates back in 1989, over 1.5 million have been sold which is great news for the treasury as they’ve raised over £600 million pounds from the proceeds. During the first year only 658 plates were sold, but by 2001 this had risen to 236,000 and this keeps on rising each year.

Once thought of as a frivolous addition to a car for the rich and the famous, these days personalised plates are simply seen as a fun way to add your personality to your car. Personalised plates can be bought from as little as £99 so it’s not a huge expense. They can be easily bought online and the process isn’t complicated.

There’s an increasing amount of entrepreneurs out there who have cottoned on to the fact that it’s also a great way to advertise their business. You can easily transfer a personalised plate from one vehicle so it’s a really cost effective way of advertising your business, year in, year out with just a one-off payment.

Personalised plates are also increasingly popular as a different, but thoughtful gift. There’s so many different plates to choose from, but you can easily use the search facility at Speedy Reg to find the perfect plate. Whether you want a plate with your name on, or one that advertises your business or refers to your favourite hobby, you’ll easily find something that’s just perfect.

Photo credit: redvette / / CC BY-SA