Neeta! You don’t want to miss this!

Hi Neeta, Welcome to Speedy Reg, we know you’re the discerning type so we’re just sure you’re going to love this plate that we’ve recently acquired… N23 ETA

Whatever car you drive, this is sure to make it look extra special. Your very own Neeta plate!

This plate is a great bargain as it’s currently available for just £690 plus VAT and transfer fee. If you’d love to own this fab Neeta plate but don’t have the cash to hand right away, then don’t worry, we’ve catered for that. Simply apply for our finance payment option when you check out on our site. You can buy now and pay the balance on pay day, or spread the payments over the next year paying a small amount each month. So handy! This option is interest free too so it won’t cost you any more than it would if you bought it outright. Our finance option is very simple to apply for, just follow the on-screen instructions when you’re buying your plate. Of course we have plenty of other payment options too. You can pay by credit card, debit card and even by PayPal.

We’ve got a few other great options for you too Neeta. Instead of N23 ETA you could pick NEE 42 or NEE 54. We think they’re both pretty special for anyone called Neeta! If people call you Nee for short, then how about a NEE plate? You can snap up a real bargain if you search through our huge list of NEE plates. We have loads of these available from just £199! You could choose N31 NEE, N25 NEE or N121 NEE all at this same low price. There are several more too so just type Neeta into our search box and let our site do the rest. You’ll find all the plates that suit your name to have a browse through.

We hope you like the look of these plates. If you do, give us a call, or simply order your plate through our website. Transfers are fast and simple and with over 30 years in the business, you know you’re in safe hands! We look forward to hearing from you Neeta!