Moonbeam? Harmony? Or Jamarion? It’s Time to Celebrate Unusual Names!

Did your parents give you an unusual name? Are you called Itzel or Dulce? How do you feel about that? Have you always cursed your parents for giving you a name that you think is silly? Did you get picked on at school? Do people always give you a funny look when you tell them your name is Monserrat or Sincere?

Perhaps you look forlornly at the personalised gifts in the shops, just knowing that you’ll never find a pen with Yandel on or a door plate for Nevaeh. Did you spend your whole life wishing you’d been called Paul or Rachel?

But maybe you love having an unusual name? You’ll be the only Orion anyone has ever met, so they will never forget you. You won’t be referred to by some characteristic to differentiate you from other people with the same name. You’ll never be Tall Tom or Ginger Claire.

Today is Your Day!

Today is Unusual Names Day and so it’s time to celebrate the name that makes you super special. It’s time to appreciate and relish in your name that belongs only to you and not to half the people in your street.

Personalised gifts for unusual names

These days, you can order personalised gifts for every name. Why not treat a friend to a present that has their unusual name on? They may well have missed out when they were a kid, before the Internet gave us a million choices for presents with names on. So make their day and put their name on something fun or useful.

An unusual name is an advantage when it comes to Private Plates!

There’s one clear advantage when it comes to having an unusual name, and that’s when you’re looking for a private plate with your name on! We sell loads of plates with ordinary names on. We sell plenty of SUE plates and ROB plates. Because there are so many people out there with ordinary names, there is a lot of competition for these name plates. Everyone wants them, so they’re snapped up quick. Because they are in high demand, the prices are high too. If you have a rarer name, there will less people looking to buy them, and you’ll be able to pick up a huge bargain too. So you should embrace your unusual name and feel sorry for the Dans and Eves of this world!