Plates for the Lyn in your life

Lyn Number Plates

If your name is Lynne, Lynn, Lynda or Lyndsey a personalised plate would be a really cool addition for your car, it would also make a really thoughtful gift for the Lynne in your life.

Lyndsey is a really good name when it comes to choosing  personalised number plates as there is a lot of choice available for you. Both LYN and LNZ work really well. There are plenty of plates for both these options such as E801 LYN, LYN 23Y or LNZ 15, as well as a whole host of others.

Lynn is also a common surname, so there’s another great reason to snap up a LYN plate.

Having a plate with your name on is a lot of fun, but don’t get carried away with the excitement and drive like Lindsey Lohan or you could find yourself in a lot of trouble too!

Photo credit: ktylerconk / / CC BY