Why do you have a personalised plate?

Personalised Number Plates

We’ve been asking the owners of personalised number plates, why they love them and why they chose their plates.

Sue from Leeds loves the idea of personalised plates. She’s always loved personalisation of anything, she even has pens with her name on, so a personalised plate was simply the next step for her, a way to stamp her own style on her car. She told us she finds cars pretty boring. Her current car is a dark blue Polo, there’s nothing special about it, it doesn’t stand out, so she invested in a SUE plate. Now her boring car stands out from the crowd and turns heads.

Trevor from Birmingham runs a small bakery. Trevor is well known with his friends, family and customers as having a good sense of humour, and his choice of personalised plate really does reflect this. He’s chosen a BUN plate! His customers love it, and it also has the added benefit of helping to advertise his business, people remember the plate and so they remember his business. It works well when he’s delivery orders to local cafés and restaurants.

Claire from Darlington told us that her personalised LUV plate was a gift from her ex-boyfriend, sadly the boyfriend didn’t last, but she adores her plate so that’s lasted far longer.

We’ve all got different reasons for buying our personalised plates, but there’s one thing in common, they bring the owners a lot of joy!

Photo credit: Borya / Foter.com / CC BY-SA