The US Open Gets Underway!

First started in 1881, the US Open Tennis Championships is one of the oldest tennis tournaments in the world! With the qualifiers now completed, we’ve got two weeks of matches to enjoy. Amazon Prime have exclusive rights to broadcast the matches live so if you don’t have Prime, now is the time to sign up! Don’t forget they offer a month’s free trial, it could be a great time to take them up on the offer. There’s 12 hours of live tennis to watch every single day!

US Open – The Facts…

  • The prize fund is more than $50 million!
  • The US Open was the first ever Grand Slam tournament to give male and female winners equal prize money.
  • The trophy for the US Open is designed by Tiffany & Co.
  • In 1977 play was disrupted as a stray bullet from outside the grounds hit a spectator!
  • This is only Grand Slam tournament that has a final set tiebreaker.

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