Davis Cup Final 2018 and Major Changes to Come


23-25th November 2018 sees France compete with Croatia in the final for the Davis Cup Trophy on the clay court of the Stade Pierre Mauroy in Lille. Last year France won the cup for the first time in nearly twenty years with 24,000 eager fans watching the match. With this match on home ground and on France’s favourite surface, could they make it two years in a row? France has been up against up Croatia twice before, and they won the match both times.

Big changes for 2019

There are some massive changes ahead for the Davis Cup which will come into play in Madrid next year, with a whole new format that looks set to rival golf’s Ryder Cup. The Davis Cup will become a week long event at the end of the tennis season. It is thought this format will be much more popular, in part due to the fact that the final players will be known after the February qualifiers, much earlier than with the current system. This could mean significant benefits for ticketing, marketing and player planning too.

Extra investment

Along with the change of format comes a large cash input from investment group Kosmos. This will see 3 billion US dollars invested in the Davis Cup over the next 25 years.

Could a Davis plate be your next big investment?

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