Black Friday and Cyber Monday – Are Those Deals Really a Good Deal?

Looking for deals and offers on Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be fun, especially if you haven’t made a start on your Christmas shopping yet, but are those deals really that great? So many shops will have some sort of offer on, and no doubt your inbox will be packed full of emails promising amazing discounts on products with fantastic reductions, but how do you know you’re actually getting a real deal?

60% of deals are not a true deal

According to Which? 60% of Black Friday reduced prices had actually been available for the same price, or even a lower price at some point during the previous year.

Don’t rush in

So some, but not all of the deals at this time of year are not all they seem. However, there are some discounts to be had if you’re careful. So don’t get carried away with the hype. Just because a store is offering a product with a 50% discount, do your research and find out how much the product is at other retailers. Products do come down in price naturally, last year’s state of the art television is old news now and so nearly all electrical goods like this will be reduced, but that will happen every day, not just on these special sale days!

Read the details

One sneaky trick you may come across is a price advertised as ‘was £100 – now £40’. On the surface, this looks like a great offer, but read the small print and you may discover that this product was £50 for a year, then suddenly it was advertised at £100 for just a week, before this ‘offer’ was advertised. Not quite such a great deal now is it?

Stick to stores you know and trust

It can be tempting to buy from a new store you’re not familiar with when you see an offer that’s incredibly good, but do be wary of scams as there’s plenty of them at this time of year. Make sure you’re buying from a reputable store. Check out their rating on review sites such as TrustPilot to make sure you’re buying from a genuine retailer.

Or avoid it altogether!

While there are some good offers out there if you look hard enough for them, you can’t go wrong if you buy from stores that offer great low prices all year round. If you’re looking for private plates, we offer cheap plates every day of the year. Our prices won’t be beaten by any Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal, so you can rest assured you’re getting great value whenever you buy from us.