Will You Be Cue-ing Up For our Snooker Championship Plates?

With the UK Snooker Championships starting today, it’s the perfect time for snooker fans to pick out one of our brilliant CUE plates! If you’ve got tickets for the tournament that takes place at the York Barbican, you’re surely going to have the coolest plate in the car park with one of these on your vehicle!

Of course if you don’t have tickets, you can still watch the games on television, with plenty of coverage from 27th November through to the 9th December. The live coverage will be shown on both BBC One and BBC Two, so it’s worth checking your TV guide to find out what’s on when, so you don’t miss anything! You’ll also find coverage and extra features by pressing the BBC Red Button, and there are highlights on the BBC Sport website to catch up on anything you’ve missed.

We’ll be watching world number 3 Ronnie O’Sullivan defend his title, and if he’s successful, this will be a record seventh win. He’ll be up against Luke Simmonds in the first round. Another one to watch will certainly be James Cahill who plays world number one Mark Selby.

With a total prize fund of £850,000 and the overall winner taking home a rather nice sum of £170,000 these players can certainly afford to splash out on the very best of our CUE plates, but you’ll be pleased to know that our CUE plates start at just £199 making them so affordable, everyone can have one!

The pick of the CUE plates

Here’s a selection of the CUE plates we have available on our website right now…

One of our favourites is CUE 841L which could be yours for £2,580 plus VAT and transfer fees. We’ve also got CUE 805S available. Looking for cheap CUE plates? Then how about B12 CUE or B17 CUE for £394, or even cheaper still, we’ve got lots of CUE plates for just £199. These include AU03 CUE, BU52 CUE, DU06 CUE, GU52 CUE and many more.

Finding your perfect CUE plate is so easy, all you need to do is visit our website www.speedyreg.co.uk and type CUE into the big yellow number plate search box. You’ll then see all the CUE plates available for you to take your pick from.