Celebrating the Ultimate Feel-Good Fast Food – It’s Pizza Day!

Speedyreg - Pizza Day
Speedyreg – Pizza Day

Sometimes you need a good reason to order pizza. Perhaps you ate pizza yesterday or you really should be eating more greens, but today is Pizza Day, so you really must order a pizza and let the world know how much you love the world famous gooey cheesy delight. Share your pizza on social media and you’ll make all your friends want one too!

There are just so many good things about pizza. It’s the perfect sharing food, nicely divided up into slices, it’s easy to eat so when you’re watching the match with your mates, it’s pizza you need to fuel you through the game. It’s also perfect for families with different appetites, you can just eat as many or as few slices as you want.

When it comes to toppings, everyone has their favourites and you certainly have a lot of options. Perhaps you love a mighty meaty pizza with a crust stuffed with oozing cheese. Or perhaps you prefer a light and crispy thin crust pizza topped with vegetables and extra olives.

Fascinating Pizza Facts

As it’s Pizza Day, why not learn more about this magnificent food…

  • The World’s Fastest Pizza Maker made 14 pizzas in 2 minutes, 35 seconds.
  • The word pizza dates back to 997 AD.
  • The world record for pizza eating is held by a Romanian man who ate more than 200lbs of pizza.
  • The first frozen pizza hit the store shelves in 1962.
  • The world’s biggest pizza had a diameter of 37.4 metres and was topped with 800kg of cheese.
  • For a thousand dollars you can order a pizza in New York that is topped with fresh lobster and six different types of caviar.

The world’s best pizza plate?

We all love pizza on our plate, but how about pizza on your number plate too? We think the plate PP11 ZZA is the ultimate plate for any pizza lover. Would you like it? Just give us call today and you could be the proud owner of this fantastically cheesy plate! We’ve also got DP11 ZZA available, so if you’re a 2 car pizza loving family these would be a good matching pair. If you own a pizza place, these would also be brilliant on your delivery vehicles!

Have a Happy Pizza Day!

So do enjoy your pizza today, whatever toppings you choose!