Who Shot JR?

JRZ Number Plates

Do you remember the huge controversy over who shot JR Ewing in Dallas? If you do remember, then it might make you feel rather old when I tell you this all happened way back in 1980. That’s 35 years ago! With a tiny handful of TV channels to choose from back then, everyone watched the same shows. Perhaps the hype of a big storyline in a popular drama or soap opera was bigger back then as it seemed like everyone was watching it and everyone was interested. At the time people talked about little else it seemed!

You could even place bets on who shot JR! Was it Miss Ellie? Was it Sue Ellen? Well actually it turned out to be his mistress and sister-in-law Kristin Shephard. JR never did press charges against her.

If you were a fan of Dallas back in the day, and fancy a retro TV themed license plate, then how about JRZ 1808? Our JRZ plates start from just £99! or you could opt for JR 255 or JR 5033. If perhaps you were more a fan of Sue Ellen than JR himself, then we’ve plenty of great SUE plates too such as 16 SUE, R24 SUE and SUE 1C. If you swooned at the sight of the handsome young Bobby then how about 19 BOB, BOB 105K or BOB 11E?

You wouldn’t be the first person to express their love of TV via their private registration plate. We’ve sold plenty of TV inspired plates over the years and we’ve plenty available right now. A fan of Steven Spielbergs Extra Terrestrial? Then how about the plate 13 ET? You could wax on wax off like Karate Kid with a WAX 11N plate, or perhaps delve further back into your childhood memories with a plate celebrating the little boy in a yellow dress…  36 BOD. Do you remember his Aunt Flo with the bun? We’ve a plate for her too… FLO 5S. We’ve got plates for Emu lovers! Did you love Rod Hull and Emu, or just find them terribly annoying? If you couldn’t get enough of Grotbags and the Pink Windmill (there’s somebody at the door!) then how about B1 EMU?

Remember the cult series Max Headroom? It was rather surreal and wacky for its day. Pay tribute to Max with MAX 4D or MAX 33D. We’re sure he’d be tr-tr-truly impressed!

Some of my favourite plates are our WHY plates. Now you might be a fan of Why Bird or of Why Don’t You, but if asked why I had a WHY plate, I’d simply reply ‘why not?’.

Whatever plate you choose and for whatever reason, you can be assured of top quality and speedy service from the team here at Speedy Reg. With over 30 years of experience under our belts, you know you’re in good hands and you’ll have your new plates on your car as soon as possible.  You can place your order online, or just give us a call if there’s anything you want to know about any of our plates or about buying a personalised license plate from us.