Private Plates – A very cost effective form of advertising


If you run your own business you’ll know that advertising can be very expensive, but you need to get the word out there, so you have to advertise. Newspaper and magazine adverts are highly priced, and they only last as long as that issue, soon being recycled or thrown away. Leaflet drops are time consuming, and so many people simply throw them away. This type of advertising is boring and old fashioned, everyone has seen it all before.

Having a private plate on your vehicle is a fantastic form of advertising, and just as importantly, a very cheap form of advertising. Once you’ve bought your private plate (and if you buy from us this could cost you as little as £40) you’ll have it for life. Not only that, private plates are very good at retaining their value, so you could sell it in the future and get your money back, or even make a profit, so there’s really no risk. It’s a novel form of advertising. Combined with your sign-written car or van, your apt plate will turn heads and people will remember you.  There are plenty of plates available to suit every profession, so pick up a new plate today and advertise in a way that’s far less boring!