Love Vinyl? Happy Record Store Day!

Support your local record store and treat yourself to some new vinyl this Record Store Day. Do you remember buying records back in your childhood? I bet you never thought they’d be back in fashion! We moved on to cassettes, then CDs, and finally to digital downloads. There was always something special about records though. The large cover artwork, the gleam of a brand new record fresh from the sleeve, free from dust and scratches.

Now, a whole new generation are turning their backs on digital music and discovering the joy of vinyl for themselves. Record Store Day falls on Saturday 21st April 2018 this year and brings together independent records stores, and the public, to share their love of vinyl.

There’s a lot going on this year. Look out for limited edition special releases available in record stores all over the country. These could be well worth snapping up. There are also many live music events going on too.

A visit to your local record store on this day could be well worth it as many are offering up freebies and running giveaways throughout the day. You could pick up a great prize!

Record Store Day Private Plates for Sale

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The best plates for music lovers

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Plates for your favourite music genre

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