Personalise your Figaro with an Irish Number Plate


The Nissan Figaro is an iconic retro vehicle, not as iconic as a Mini or Beetle but it is certainly very popular with people who like something that little bit different and quirky.

Speedy Reg have sold many FIG Irish registrations to Figaro owners to personalise their prized possession. Some celebrity Figaro owners include Molly King from the Saturdays, Joss Stone, Princess Eugene and Vanessa Feltz. They might be interested in purchasing a FIG registration (if they don’t already have one) and they will be happy to know they can do so for as little as £199 plus VAT and transfer fees.

We also have some great three digit FIG numbers and also some two digits, such as FIG 19, however you will expect to pay more for this style of number. As the Figaro is an old vehicle you don’t need to worry about transferring an FIG onto the vehicle as all Irish registrations are dateless and therefore age restrictions do not apply.


If your Figaro needs a nice personalised number plate then why not have a look on our website for some stylish FIG numbers.