Private Plates from £40

Number Plates from £40

Yes, we’ve got private plates from just £40! Many of us have wanted a personalised registration plate, but have been put off by the high prices, but now you can have your own private plate without having to spend a lot of money on it. We’ve got plenty of plates to choose from, even our lowest priced plates give you lots of options for personalisation. You could even buy plates for Christmas presents; now isn’t that an innovative gift idea? Now is a great time to ditch your boring old registration plate that doesn’t mean anything, and get a plate that stands out from the crowd and says something about you.

We can offer you a wide range of plates, at bargain prices, but the choice of course is all yours. Use our search engine and you can quickly narrow down your options to find the plate that’s just right for you. If you’re looking for our cheapest plates, then you can sort the search results by price. Checkout is easy and we’ve a range of payment options too, including interest free finance. You’ll find all the information you need on our website, but if you have any other questions, just give us a call or email us; we’re always happy to help!