Cheap Irish Number Plates from £40



For as little as £40 you could be the proud owner of an Irish number plate. We think this is a great deal and we’ve got a massive selection of cheap Irish plates for you to choose from. Irish plates are brilliant, they stand out from the crowd, they’re cheap and they’re dateless! For anyone wanting a cheap way to disguise the age of their elderly car, Irish plates are definitely the way to go. It’s the cheapest way to hide the age of your vehicle, and you’ll get a great personalised plate too!

We are experts in Irish plates, so if you have questions, just give us a call. Our customer services department is open seven days a week to answer your calls. We deal with the transfer for you, and we’ll get your new Irish plates to you fast. Irish plates can legally be used by UK vehicle owners, so there are no issues there!

Take a look at the Irish plates we have available on our website and we’re sure you’ll be impressed with the choices.


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