Back to School offers on Irish Number Plates


The summer holidays are over, it seems like the summer is over too looking at the weather, but don’t let it get you down, cheer yourself up with one of our Back to School special offer Irish Number Plates. Our Irish plates are always fabulously good value, but now they’re even cheaper, with prices starting at just £40.

Your kids might not be relishing the thought of going back to school, but if you pull up outside the school with a cool private plate, it might give them a little bit more street cred with their school mates!

We have a huge stock of Irish number plates, stored on motorbikes in our warehouse, ready to be transferred immediately to your vehicle. The process is easy and it’s also speedy. You won’t have a long wait just because you’ve chosen an Irish number plate. If you haven’t considered an Irish plate before, take a look at the plates we have available, we think you’ll be surprised what great value they are. All our Irish plates are dateless, and all our plates represent terrific value!