Get your dad the perfect gift


It’s often difficult to find the right present for Dads as there is so much more choice out there for Mums and then Dad always gets a rough deal or a less thoughtful gift.  Gift shops will always have the usual gifts on display such as golf or football related clothes, golf clubs, golf club covers, beer mugs, coffee cups, books, autobiographies and any amount of trinkets.

What if dad is not really into Sport, he doesn’t really drink Coffee and doesn’t drink beer? Unless he’s into reading you are going to be stumped for an appropriate gift.  Why not give a gift with a bit more individuality and a bit more longevity; something that you have put a lot of thought and time into and that really says you have made an effort? An ideal gift is a personalised number plate.

A personalised number plate is personal to your dad and could either have a personal message or name on it. So if he has a boring ordinary registration on his vehicle at the moment with just a normal random mix of letters and numbers that mean nothing, you could create something really personal and special using his name, initials or a date that means something to him.

The great thing is that a personalised registration will be unique, no-one else will have it and it’s so recognisable everyone will know your dad’s car when they see him out and about and its a number he will always remember.

Here at Speedy Reg we have number plates to suit every budget. To keep it low-cost, here are some tips on how to create a personalised number plate that shows you care while still being aware of your budget. In order to get a cheap personalised number plate, you should think creatively.

Think outside the box when creating a registration. In a prefix style registration you can use the last three letters to create a short name or as initials. The first letter (showing the prefix) could be used as his month of birth and the numbers as the date of birth. For example if your dads name is William John Harrison and he was born on the 3rd February you could go for F3 WJH.

In a current style registration you could use your dads initials as the last three letters and your mums first name and surname as the first two letters on the registration and numbers could either be a date of birth or perhaps even the year your parents get married.  For example William John Harrison could have NH04 WJH if his wife was called Norma and they got married in April.

Why not consider an Irish registration if all else fails. Speedy Reg are the market leaders in Irish registrations with hundreds to choose from starting at just £40 plus the fees.  Irish plates take the format of usually 3 letters, followed by up to 4 digits. The letters I and Z are contained within the registration so you will know an Irish reg as soon as you see one. The cheaper numbers are a great option if you are on a limited budget but would still like a nice unusual registration. Another great advantage to Irish plates is that they are considered dateless and therefore can be transferred to any age of vehicle therefore if you are not sure what year dads vehicle was registered you don’t need to try and find that out.

So this year, get a gift of individuality and longevity for your Dad. Show him just how unique and special he really is. If you still have trouble finding a gift for your dad, take a look at The Manly Man Company® to find the perfect gift for your dad.