SIG number plates fresh on the market


At Speedy Reg we are continually getting new combination registrations into stock and are constantly adding to our vast list of cheap Irish number plates. A fresh new combination which has just recently been added to our selection is SIG, which follows on from the highly popular RIG combination.

The SIG combination comes from County Fermanagh in Northern Ireland, however in trade terms they are usually referred to as Irish registrations. SIG is a excellent choice if your name is Sigourney or if you have the surname Signam or Sigma.

Many people think that Irish registrations are not suitable for UK vehicles however this is not the case. A lot of customers buy Irish registrations simply to hide the age of their vehicles as there is no Prefix marker to indicate the year.

As well as hiding the age of your vehicle Irish registrations are often used for their distinct look and you will find many that actually suit names and surnames. For example the JIL Irish combination is excellent for the name Jill, BAZ is a great combination for Barry and KAZ is excellent for Karen.

What people tend to forget is that Northern Ireland is part of the UK and therefore you can transfer any Irish registration to a UK vehicle. This is great to know if you are looking for a cheap registration to make your vehicle look newer or so that your neighbours will not know the age of your new vehicle.

If you have any queries about our cheap Irish registrations why not speak to one of our advisers today.