Happy 44th Birthday to Leonardo DiCaprio

Born November 11th, 1974, Leonardo DiCaprio celebrates his birthday today! His acting career began early, but it didn’t get off to the best start. In 1979 he had to be removed from the set of the children’s television series Romper Room for being too disruptive! I guess he learnt how to keep himself a little calmer after that though, as he was soon featuring in adverts and educational films.  He was a TV regular throughout his childhood and teens, and moved into films in 1991 with a role in Critters 3 but it was perhaps his role in the massive hit film Titanic that truly propelled him to stardom.

Learn more about Leonardo…

  • When he played con-man Frank Abagnale Jr he got to meet him in person, he even invited him to his home! Be careful there Leo!
  • Within the first five weeks of release, 7% of American teenage girls had seen the film Titanic at least twice!
  • The role of Jack in Titanic very nearly went to Matthew McConaughey but James Cameron insisted that Leonardo have the role.
  • When he shouts the famous line “I’m the king of the world!” in Titanic, it wasn’t actually in the script, Leonardo just made it up as he went along.
  • Early in his career his agent suggested he change his name to Lenny Williams to make him sound more American.
  • Leonardo owns his own private island.

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