Think Gift Vouchers Are A Boring Present? Think Again!


It can be so frustrating when you just can’t think of a gift to give to someone. So you go for the easy option and get them a gift voucher. How does it make you feel though? Do you feel like it’s a bit of a cop out? There’s been no thought put into it. Do you hand it over and say ‘Sorry, it’s only a gift voucher’?

When you’ve left present shopping to the last minute, a gift voucher is a quick and easy option, but it’s so boring isn’t it? A book token, a voucher for a high street store. Zzzzz.

But how about a gift voucher for a private registration plate? Now that’s something totally different! It’s a great gift that’s easy to buy and one that no will expect! A real surprise that looks like you’ve put a lot of thought into it. No one will know that you totally forgot it was their birthday until it popped up on Facebook this morning and you were sent into a panic because you hadn’t bought a present.

You can buy gift vouchers for private plates direct from our website. You don’t even have to wait for them to be sent in the post. You can simply order them and send them out. You can do it in a matter of a couple of minutes! It really is the perfect last minute gift!

To order a Speedy Reg gift voucher just visit and fill out your details.

You can then print out your voucher, or simply email it to your recipient if you’re not going to see them. They can then choose a plate at their leisure. They have the choice of all our plates. If they want to spend extra then that’s fine too.

You don’t pay for the voucher up front, you’ll pay for it once your recipient has chosen and ordered their new plate.

So next time you forget a birthday, or you’re totally lacking in inspiration for a Christmas present or a wedding gift, do keep us in mind. It really is the easiest way to shop for presents. You’ll never have to give disappointing gift voucher ever again!