How To Find A Private Plate With Your Name On


People choose all different types of plates for all sorts of reasons. Some people want a plate to help advertise their business. This is a great idea, it’s much cheaper than print advertising and it’s far more fun! Everyone notices the vet that has the plate VET 805S or the caterer who has BUN 5S. Incidentally, both of these plates are currently available!

Other people like to have plates that relate to a hobby or interest. Perhaps a favourite football team. An Aston Villa fan could pick up VIL 4 for example, or a dog lover could have 2 DOG. Again both of these plates are available right now if you’d like one of them.

However, the most popular type of plate by far, is a plate with the owner’s name on. There’s something really cool about driving around with a plate that tells everyone who you are!

We have personalised license plates to suit any name, and it’s very easy to find one that’s perfect for you, whatever your name is.

For male names, take a look at this link…

Here we have listed many popular boys names in alphabetical order. Just find your name and click on it. You’ll then see plenty of plates that we have available that match your name.

Let’s look at some examples…

Ben could have 53 BEN.

Daniel could go for DAN 11.

If your name is JAY then how about JAY 3R or JAY 1H?

Any Max would be proud to display 62 MAX or 16 MAX on their vehicle.

We also have the perfect plate for a Peter… PET 4R!

So you see, we have some brilliant plates so give it a go and see what comes up for your own name.

We also have a page for female names. Just click on this link…

Again, you’ll see a list of the most popular girl’s names. Just click on your name to browse your options.

Here are just a few examples of the female name private plates we have available…

AMY 1J or AMY 7B for Amy.

Jan could have 71 JAN.

11 REB is great for a Rebecca.

If your name isn’t listed then don’t worry, all you need to do is type your name into our search box and matching plates will be displayed.

You can also search for your surname if you’d prefer that on your new private plate. Initials too are a popular choice. You and your partner could have matching plates, they’d look brilliant parked up together outside your house!

Private plates with names on also make fantastic presents. With Christmas coming up soon you might want to consider privates plates for the ultimate personalised Christmas gift.