Treat Yourself Quick Before Christmas!


So the summer holidays are over. You’ve packed the kids off to school again. The nights are drawing in and the weather has turned decidedly more wintery! It’s only a matter of time before the Christmas lists are written up and you’ve got to start getting out there and shopping for ‘the most wonderful time of the year’.

But don’t worry about it yet. You’ve plenty of time right? Now is your chance to think about yourself for once. You spent all summer trying to entertain the kids, you spent a fortune on days out. So take a moment to sit back, relax and choose yourself a new private plate. One that’s just for you, go on treat yourself!

But perhaps you’re worried that Christmas is going to cost you a fortune? You’ve no spare cash right? Well actually we have a couple of suggestions for you that might just solve that problem!

If you buy gifts for anyone who owns a car. Why not treat them to a new private plate too? That might seem pretty extravagant, but with prices starting at just £40, it’s actually cheaper than a decent bottle of whisky. If you’d like your recipients to have the fun of choosing their own plates then we also sell gift vouchers. You can simply print them off and give them out on Christmas Day!

The other option we can offer you is interest free finance. While your pockets may be empty over Christmas and the New Year, you know you’ll have the cash to pay for your plate next year. With our finance option you don’t have to start putting money aside until you’ve saved up enough to buy your new plate outright, you can simply buy it now and pay for it later! You can spread the cost of your new plate over the coming year.

You’ll have your new personalised license plate ready to enjoy (and show off) over the festive period, and with our 0% offer, you won’t have to pay extra for the privilege of spreading your payments either.

So why not take advantage of this quiet time between summer and Christmas and give yourself a treat for once. You’re worth it!