Christmas Is Coming – Make Christmas Shopping Easy This Year!


Christmas always creeps up on me. Does it have that same effect on you? I have very good intentions and I even tend to start my shopping early. I’ll buy a couple of presents in September and then feel smug knowing I’ve started my Christmas shopping. Then before I know it, it’s the middle of December and Christmas is coming up fast.

By then I’ve lost the presents I bought in September. I’ll no doubt find them again in January when it’s too late. By that point I’ve got the Christmas food shopping to sort, I’ve got Christmas parties to go to and I’ve simply got no time to go out shopping.

So the week before Christmas I find myself fighting my way around the shops. Laden down with bags. I’ve got a list of course, because I’m organised like that. But everything on my list is sold out as I’ve left it all too late. There’s no time to order anything online, so I’m left battling for the last remaining gift set of toiletries or novelty singing ornament. They’re such boring thoughtless gifts, no one will know the torment I had to go through to get them.

When this happens, as it does just about every year. I think back to the year when I had the easiest Christmas shopping mission ever. I came up with the brilliant idea of buying everyone a personalised registration plate for Christmas. Personalised gifts had become very popular. I’d received a few myself and always thought it was thoughtful of the person. From a photo on a mug, to a chopping board with our family surname on. Personalised gifts are always a cut above ordinary gifts.

Private plates really are the ultimate personalised present. You can’t get more unique than a one-off plate. The secret is, that you can pick up a private plate to give as a gift from just £40. Most people don’t realise you can get private registrations for such low prices, so they’ll think you spent a lot more money on them than you actually did.

So you’re giving a really fantastic gift, but the best thing for me is that there is so little effort involved. You can pick out and order all your plates from the comfort of your own home. Nothing beats doing your Christmas shopping in your pyjamas! You’re not waiting for goods to arrive, only to find your gifts ordered online are lost in the manic Christmas post.

What’s even easier, if you can’t decide which plate to pick out for someone, you can simply order a gift voucher instead. This is ideal if you’ve totally left it to the last minute as you simply order your vouchers and print them all out! Just imagine, you could do all your Christmas shopping in a matter of a couple of minutes this way!

So this Christmas, why not cross a few people off your list by treating them to a private plate, it could save your hours walking round the busy shops in December!