What Number Plates Would You Like To See Under Your Tree This Year?


We’ve been out and about asking you what private plate you’d choose for Christmas if you could have anything at all. Not surprisingly many of you wanted a plate with your name on, but there were a handful of other requests too.

Here’s a selection of the comments you gave us, and our top pick of plates for you…

“I’d definitely have a plate with my name on, Rob. It makes sense really as it’s an easy 3 letter name to get on a plate. I’d go for that.” – Rob S

Well Rob, we think that the plate 2 ROB would be perfect for you. We’ve also got 13 ROB which may be unlucky for some, but we predict it’ll be a winner for you Rob!

“Well everyone says I’m a bit crazy so how about a plate that reflects my personality?” George B

George we’ve found the perfect plate for you! How do you fancy MAD 80Y? If people think you’re a bit mad then you may as well be proud of it! This Mad Boy plate would be just ideal don’t you think?

“My boyfriend and I are getting married just before Christmas so a private reg that celebrates my wedding would be my choice. I can’t think of a plate though!” Eileen E

Don’t worry Eileen, we’ve picked out the perfect plate for you. How about E16 MRS? Mrs because you will be a Mrs, E for either of your initials, and 16 because your wedding is in 2016! Or what about WED IM,. Because, well, you’re going to wed ‘im!

“I’ve been thinking about getting a private plate for my car. I’m a mobile hair dresser and I think it would be a fun way to advertise. I’ve seen other people do it, and if I notice them, then surely other people would notice mine.” Fiona R

Okay Fiona, we’ve had some fun finding plates that would suit a hair dresser. How about a CUT plate? We’ve got plenty of those. You could have CUT 3E or CUT 18T. Or maybe a DYE plate? We’ve got 310 DYE available as well as F7 DYE.

“Well I’d love a plate that has my name on, but I share a car with my wife Sue. I think she’d be annoyed if I had a plate with just my name on, so it would have to have both our names on! Can you do that?” Edward P

No problem Edward. We thought it might be a bit tricky, but we put your names into our search box and found some great plates for you both to share. How about ED58 SUE. ED12 SUE or ED60 SUE?