Amazing personalised number plates

Number Plates

You don’t get many opportunities in life to let the world know just how brilliant you are. With a personalised license plate though, you can tell everyone and his dog that you’re simply the best.

If you’re totally awesome then how about 16 AWE for your plate of choice. You can at least be sure  that when you drive by with that plate, people will definitely be in awe of you!

If you think you’re fab, then we’ve also got some great FAB plates which of course are also perfect for fans of Thunderbirds. 92 FAB is well, just fab! We’ve also got FAB 80D and FAB 110S available.

Perhaps you prefer to think of yourself as simply ace? No problem, you could snap up ACE 219 or ACE 129B. If you’re more of the mega type, then we’ve got some MEG 4 plates too. MEG 411S and MEG 486W are both available right now.

Of course if you’re not the egotistical type, you could treat your loved one to a new registration plate to show them just how you feel about them.

Photo credit: Nintendere [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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