It’s nearly Oscar time!

The 89th Academy Awards are set to take place on 26th February in Los Angeles. If you want to watch them live then get ready for a late night as the red carpet footage starts at midnight in the UK (that’s 4pm in Los Angeles). The award ceremony starts at 1.30am. It could be a great excuse for a late night party! Have drinks and nibbles beforehand, then you can all settle down around the TV to watch. You can view the proceedings on Sky Cinema. They’ve set up a special Oscars channel for the event. You can also watch the live stream on Now TV. You won’t be alone, the Oscars are broadcast in 225 countries!

This year the Oscars will be presented by Jimmy Kimmel. He’s not so well known over here, but in the US he’s a popular late night talk show host. He’s never presented the Oscars before, but he has presented other award shows, including the Emmys, so I’m sure he’ll do a great job.

So who’s set to pick up an Oscar this year? Well La La Land will most certainly do well. The film has been nominated for 14 awards and the stars Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone have been nominated for Best Actor and Best Actress. Arrival is another film that you should look out for, it’s definitely set to do well too.

You’ll find out the results on Sunday if you’re prepared to stay up late to watch, or perhaps you’ll be happier watching it on catchup on Monday.

Some fascinating facts about the iconic Oscar award

  • The Oscar is 13.5 inches tall
  • It weighs 8.5 pounds
  • It was designed by Cedric Gibbons, art director at MGM
  • It was then created by sculptor George Stanley
  • It is made from gold plated bronze
  • It takes 3 months to make 50 Oscars
  • For three years during WWII it was made from painted plaster instead
  • After the war, the winners could could trade their plaster Oscar for a real gold one
  • It isn’t officially called an ‘Oscar’. The real name is the Academy Award of Merit
  • It is thought that the name ‘Oscar’ came from an Academy librarian stating that the statue looked like her Uncle Oscar!
  • We have some Oscar plates available too. How about OSC 4IR or OSC 412R?