Are You Ready For Random Acts Of Kindness Day?


On February 17th it is Random Acts of Kindness Day. The idea is to do something lovely for someone in a random kind of a way! This isn’t about cooking a tasty meal for your partner or giving your kids extra pocket money. That’s just not random enough.

Your act of random kindness doesn’t have to cost you money nor does it have to be a huge gesture. Just something small that you know will make someone smile.

If you’re stuck for ideas, here are some suggestions…

If you’re picking up a sandwich for lunch, buy two and give one to a homeless person.

Let someone go ahead of you in a queue.

Send someone a letter or a small gift in the post. Perhaps an old friend who you don’t keep in touch with as often as you should.

Take cakes into work.

Give someone a copy of your favourite book. This could be a total stranger!

Compliment a stranger. It could be on the dress they’re wearing, or perhaps on how well behaved their child is.

Give up your seat on the bus.

Order one of our Speedy Reg gift vouchers and give it to someone.

Is there a patch of wasteland near your home? Plant some flowers on it.

Cook a meal and take a plateful round to an elderly neighbour.

Clear out your wardrobe, or your kids clothes and toys and give them to someone who you know will appreciate it.

Join a group for giving away unwanted items and give away some of that stuff that you never use.

Call a friend just for a chat.

Hold doors open for people and help people with pushchairs.

Give bigger tips than usual when you eat out.

When you get that annoying junk phone call, don’t shout and hang up. Take a couple of minutes to say no politely.

Volunteer your time. You could visit an old people’s home, help out at a pet rescue centre or join in a beach clean up.

Leave a lovely comment on a blog.

Send a thank you card to a store or restaurant where you’ve had great service.

If you’re leaving a car park before your ticket has expired, leave it on the machine for the next person to use.